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. >>> same-sex stunner. president obama changes his stance on a law blocking gay marriage. >>> investors have something to celebrate, as well. >>> good morning, everybody. thanks for being with us today. there are new signs this morning that libyan leader, moammar gadhafi, is now losing his 40-year hold on power. the opposition has now taken control in the east. and is vowing to liberate the capital, tripoli. >> meanwhile, president obama has new stands to stop killing his own people. hundreds are dead. and there's protesters still in libya. emily schmidt has the details. >> reporter: good morning to you. americans who are trying to escape libya may not be able to do so. today, the sea waters are simply too rough for their ferries. so, they wait, while the world waits, to see what another day of protests brings. protesters in libya are gaining control. but at huge costs. hundreds killed, while moammar gadhafi forces fire on his own people. >> the suffering and bloodshed is outrageous. and it is unacceptable. so are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protesters and further punish the people
obama will talk about the budget this morning during his visit to the parkville middle school. emily schmidt is in washington with details. >> reporter: the white house says the three and a half trillion dollar budget it delivered to congress begins to do what american families much do -- must do live within their means. >> it freezes annual domestic spending for the next five years. even on programs i care about which will reduce the deaf set by more than 400 billion dollars over the next decade. >> reporter: president obama says his budget saves more than a trillion dollars over the next 10 years. 2/3 from cuds, 1/3 from -- cuts 1/3 from tax increases. it would shave home heating assistance, money for clean water and defense spending. and the budget director says they are painful decisions. >> it's important to note we are beyond the easy low hanging fruit. >> reporter: but more money go to ha today high speed rail and new education programs. republicans say that cannot work. >> it looks like to me that it's going to be a very small on spending discipline and a lot of new spending
. president obama making his visit today. and he will talk about science and technology and we are connected all the time and we are looking for a connection and talk about the wind pushing 30 to 40 miles per hour that will help get us to the two degree guaranteed high of 57. now to work and out the door with kim brown. >> reporter: you can expect president obama's visit to expect traffic on the inner loop between 95 and harford road after 8:30 this morning. expect to see closures and detours posted because of the president's visit. plan your trip accordingly. looking live at cameras, no problems on 50 and 97. we have reports of some downed power lines up in reisterstown and we are working a pair of accidents in downtown baltimore. i will bring you up to speed about those in a few moments. now back to you. >>> president barack obama will discuss a three trillion proposed spending package for 2012 and this includes education and abc2 news sherrie johnson joins us live with what we are focusing on today. >> reporter: yes, we are standing by live here where in few momentse hours, president obam
in the united states, president obama also sounded confident that the end was near. >> we are witnessing history unfold. a moment op transformation that's taking place because the people of egypt are calling for change. >> testifying on capitol hill. the cia director echoed news reports that mubarak would announce his resignation. >> i got the same information that you did. that there's a strong likelihood that mubarak may step down this evening. >> late into the night, the crowd was already celebrating moments before president mubarak made that speech to the nation. but afterwards, they were stunned. mubarak told them he would transfer constitutional powers to his hand-picked vice president, omar suleiman. he did not say he was leafing yet. tahrir square answers him in a furious roar. no, leave, leave, they shouted. >> we are here until he goes! >> yet, again, the mood had changed. uncertainty reigned. >> it's not morning. it's to be announced that he is out and the country is clean from him. it's no one can imagine. no one can say what would happen in this country. >> the people stayed peacefu
to his people, the world and president obama. >>> war zone. on a day when journalists themselves became the targets and abc news teams were threatened with beheadings, we bring you a special one-hour edition of "nightline," crisis in egypt, starting right now. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," february 3rd, 2011. >> good evening, i'm terry moran. and we begin tonight's special with an extraordinary exclusive interview from inside egypt's presidential palace. there, president hosni mubarak, the strong man whose 30-year grip on power is loosening, waits and watches. outside those fortified walls, chaos. another day of bloody clashes. what is he thinking? and when will he step down? christiane amanpour brings us the first interview with hosni mubarak since t mubarak. christiane? >> reporter: terry, good evening. it has been the most extraordinary 24 hours. right now, we're broadcasting to you from inside our hotel room, rather than looking over the nile, looking over the protests as w
. >>> today president obama honors his predecessors. coming up all new at 5:30 -- more on the new recipients of the coveted medal of freedom. if you're filing your taxes on-line this year, better make sure that computer is safe. how your personal information could become public knowledge coming up. >>> in tonight's "consumer watch" -- after a slight delay the irs finally started to accept tax returns with itemized deductions, if you're like millions of americans you'll be filing your taxes on-line this year. but before you start crunching those numbers make sure your computer is safe, secure and ready. karen kafa has tips. >> reporter: it's aimed at making a complicated process a little bit simpler but if you're not careful it can put sensitive financial information at risk. so before you get started on preparing your tax return on-line, experts suggest you get your computer as secure as it can be. >> anti-virus software and make sure your computer is encrypted. information on your computer is encristed and strong password protected. >> reporter: once you've chosen a reputable site create a
: president obama said yesterday that the wisconsin budget seems like an assault on unions. house speaker john boehner quickly countered saying a president shouldn't attack a governor for tackling the tough, budget problems. vinita and rob? >> emily schmidt, in washington. thanks, emily. >>> arabs are out in force today, despite a government ban on public gatherings in bahrain. protesters are defiant, saying they will bring down the 200-year-old monarchy. >> the white house is chastising the government's violent crackdown on protesters. and urging some restraint. >>> the obama administration is also reaching out to support democracy in egypt, redirecting funds once meant for hosni mubarak's government. >> marches are planned across that country today, to celebrate one week since the end of the mubarak regime. lama hasan joins us, now live, from cairo, by phone, with more. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning. tens of thousands have massed in tahrir square, liberation square, for what they're calling a victory march, celebrating hosni mubarak stepping down exactly a week ago today. and
day of protest in egypt, president obama had a talk with president mubarak. president obama told the egyptian leader that an orderly transition cannot be prolonged. it must begin now. that was after mubarak announced he would not seek re-election. christiane amanpour is on the ground. >> reporter: very few people thought a week ago that president mubarak would offer these con sengss, professions to lift the state of emergency and reform the election law. but is it enough for the people? they can see the end in sight. it's very unclear whether they will let him finish his term. this was the scene on cairo's square after president mubarak announced after 30 years after one-man rule, he was ready to leave office. i never asked to be a dictator, he said, and i will not be dominating myself for a new term for i have served egypt long enough though, the crowd became defiant again when mubarak said he was going stay on for a few more months to ensure law and order, to reform the constitution and the election process. president obama had this to see. >> the people of egypt, the young peo
the white house on libya. president obama for the first time calling for moammar gadhafi's outest, and word of another defection, the loyal nurse so often at his side has left, and look at the darkened images in eastern libya where opposition forces have taken one of the presidential palaces discovering among other things books on sourcery. we begin with christiane amanpour on the ground, leading our coverage from tripoli tonight. >> here we are in tripoli, the libyan capital at the heart of the stronghold of moammar gadhafi. what said say may be his last major hold-out. we arrive among one of the few commercial airlines from europe. what we saw at the airport was a sea of humanity outside. looks like workers who have come here from all over this part of the world from the middle east, from other parts of africa, and who have pitched up at the airport for the last several days with no tickets and very little money. they're there with blankets. they have what little food they can muster. they're sleeping. we saw people sleeping, some pitching makeshift tents. huge piles of garbage. there are
now, president obama is challenging the nation's businesses to get in the game, by hiring more workers. it's part of a new white house strategy to improve relations with the nation's business community. emily schmidt has details about the president's first speech to the nation's chamber of commerce. good morning, emily. >> reporter: rob, good morning to you. president obama is telling businesses he wants them to hang out more help wanted signs to help american workers. but critics say, that's one tough sales pitch, in this economic and political climate. with the markets up and unemployment down, president obama says it's time for u.s. businesses to invest in america. >> american companies have nearly $2 trillion sitting on their balance sheets. >> reporter: his audience has also been his frequent critic, the u.s. chamber of commerce. >> if there's a reason that you don't share my confidence, if there's a reason you don't believe this is the time to get off the sidelines, to hire and to invest, i want to know about it. i want to fix it. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner said in a
,000 libyans are dead, and president obama today emerged to call the bloodshed in libya outrageous and unacceptable. and now, martha raddatz tells us more about gadhafi and his riches and his children, who seem to have their father's extravagant ways. >> reporter: but it seems his own family has been out of control for decades. the hard partying, hard drinking and lavish spending of this famously track shus family has, according to u.s. diplomats on wikileaks, provided enough dirt for a libyan soap opera. take eldest son saif, who vowed days ago, his family would fight to the last bullet. he reportedly bought this $16 million mansion in london and two years ago, at a party on st. parts, paid mariah carey $1 million to sing a few songs. not to be outdone, brother mutassin, seen here with secretary of state clinton, returned to st. barlts last year and paid more than a million dollars to beyonce. all eight of gadhafi's children are believed to have benefited from billions of dollars of libya's oil profits. all of this, while libyans themselves, one-third, are living below the poverty
president obama, that he seemed to be expecting big news from president mubarak this morning. so, was this the news he expected? was he surprised? and what about mubarak's insi insistence that pressure from foreign powers is not going to move him? let's get the white house reaction from jake tapper. what about all of this? >> reporter: good evening, diane. i have to say, the chaos and confusion that so permeated throughout egypt made its way to the white house today. you're right, president obama seemed jubilant when he made remarks earlier today, talking about how we were witnessing history. though, he did not want to get ahead of what president mubarak was going to announce. and later came the news that president mubarak was not taking president obama's advice and including opposition leaders and not taking other concrete measures, lifting the emergency law immediately, as president obama asked him to do. though the white house right now is poring over mubarak and vice president suleiman's statements, trying to figure out what went on tonight, there is no concrete reaction. the
not to run in the next presidential election. abc news has confirmed that president obama told mubarak he needs to take that action, which would allow for free elections and an orderly transition of power. >> just one more egyptian people, we hate him. 30 years is enough. >> reporter: the largest protest this country has ever seen. despite the government shutdown of public roads and transportation. in cairo where mubarak was hung in effigy, more than 250,000 people packed tahrir square. since friday the protests have generally been peaceful. one poster showed the one casualty. t women have been allowed much less freedom than men have found their voice. >> mubarak leave the country! just leave us alone! we will make it! we are not the first people to get rid of. >> reporter: repercussions are rippling through the middle east. king abdullah vowed to launch political reforms and obama administration spoke for the first time with one possible successor to mubarak, nobel laureate mohammed ed elbaradei. >> president obama addressed from the white house last night. he said egypt's transition mus
with the stepped up pressure on libyan strong man moammar gadhafi. president obama has joined other world leaders in condemning violence in that embattled leader's country. >> secretary of state clinton is being sent to geneva for talks aimed at stopping the bloodshed. alex marquardt has traveled from egypt into libya with this report. >> reporter: report reads hand by hand, down with gadhafi. a large part of this country now firmly in the control of the protesters. we're about 15 minutes inside the libyan border and we've been stopped at several checkpoints where they're asking for our passports. it's civilians doing the asking. there isn't any military or police in sight. those we spoke to say gadhafi failed them. people need everything, this man said. there are no hospitals, no medicine, no jobs, no food. >> he only did one thing. he tried to catch the oil. he just think himself is leader for africa, but is not him. >> reporter: just to the west, signs of a nation on the cusp of all out war. libyan military trying to destroy the protesters. helicopter gunship fires on the people. a fighter jet
as one man and one woman. however, president obama took a giant step and is being praised by gay rights groups. he he order the justice department to fight against the 1996 defense of marriage act that ban the recognition of same sex marriage. the justice department defend the act in court until now. but attorney general eric holder says the president decided the administration can't keep doing so. the president himself says he is grappling with the personal view of gay marriage but always personally opposed the defense of the marriage act calling it unnecessary as well as unfair. >>> hawaii is now the 7th state to permit same sex civil unions. the hawaiian governor signed a bill yesterday which gives gay and lesbian couples the same state's rights and married partners. there are additional five states that allows same sex marriage. >>> 17 officers are charged with taking kickbacks for sending drivers of accident scenes to an unauthorized towing company. the officers and owners of the majestic auto pair shop are charged with conspiracy to commit extortion, charging documents say the off
of president obama. >> it's a momentous occasion. she'll remember it forever. >> it's exciting they would choose a small school in baltimore county to honor us with a visit. it's exciting and encouraging for the students to meet someone like the president and have something to aspire to. maybe one of our students some day will be president. >> reporter: parkville folkses on science, technology, engineering and math. it was selected by the white house for the president to discuss his priorities. including education. he visited a classroom lab before delivering his remarks. students were happy to show off their school. what do you think of president obama coming to school today? >> cool. it's a big deal. a lot for baltimore. >> reporter: but it was not just students, staff and parents that were excited. many people in the community gathered outside the school with signs anxious for a glimpse of the president. >> to think my children are going there now. it was great. >> it was amazing. i consider it an honor and a real privilege to see our first black president. i have never had a chance to
in libya continues to deteriorate this morning. and now president obama is calling on leaders to stop the violence. >>> today, protesters are promising the biggest turnout yet in wisconsin's capitol. union leaders expect tens of thousands of workers for a massive rally that is coming up on this thursday, february 24th. good morning, i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. hopefully you got a chance to get outside and enjoy thesunshine yesterday. >> will it continue? let's ask justin. >> warmer temperatures but notnicer. we are starting at cold at 24 in baltimore in the single digits far to the northwest and york, pa at 9. then towards southern maryland, it's 33. patuxent river back to the west in oakland, they are at freezing at 32. they have cloud cover rolling in. the clouds from the west, you can see that, it comes with rain in the mountains. and by the time it gets here it will be in the form of rain. maybe showers by the afternoon ride. until then, look for increasing clouds. go from the 20s to a high of 48. again, the rain that will be heaviest is overnight through tomorrow
of the capital and his sons tell me he will never leave. the president of the united states, president obama, has called on your father to step down. what do you think of that? >> it's not a matter of business. second do you think it's a solution? of course now. >> reporter: that is one of his father's closest advisers. what is your sflan are you staying, going? what is your father's plan? >> listen, nobody is leaving this country. we live here. we die here. this is our country. the libyans are my people. and for myself, i believe i am doing what i best. >> reporter: are you a frad at all? >> afraid of what? the point that you are hearing rumors. everything is calm. everything is peaceful. there is a big, big gap between reality and the media reports. >> reporter: i'm going to ask you a question. you say there is a big, big gap between reality and media reports. some say there is a gap between what you are saying to me and the reality of libya. >> the south is calm. the west is calm. the middle is zboen part of the east. >> reporter: his younger brother a former professional soccer player, spends
't be nearly as interesting for students in parkville today. how could it be? president obama visited the middle school yesterday e came with news that affects all of us. his budget plan for the coming year. he wants to caught trillion dollars over the next ten years. and he wants to freeze spending and raise tax for the wealthy. he wants to put limit on your deductions for paying mortgage and helping a charity. >> these investments i am convinced if we fulfill, and innovate and outeducate, as well as outhustle the rest of the word. jobs and industries of our time had take root in the united states. >> defense spending will be cut by 5% and the president would extend tax credits for college, expanding them to child care. >>> the president talked to 8th graders and headed to the science class. >> when the president came into our classroom, it was sort of unreal at first because it's the president of the united states. >> i told my parents about it, they said to make sure to get a picture with him. >> he was really paying attention and getting what we were doing. >> when he walked in he
. >> reporter: with the markets up and unemployment down, president obama says it is time for u.s. businesses to invest in america. >> american companies have nearly two trillion dollars sitting on their balance sheets. >> reporter: his audience has also been his frequent critic, the u.s. chamber of commerce. >> if there's a reason you don't share my confidence, if there's a reason you don't believe this is the time to get off the sidelines, to hire and invest, i want to know about it. i want to fix it. >> reporter: house speaker boehner said after the speech president obama has retooled his rhetoric but not his job destroying policy. a chamber executive said there are simply too many new regulations. >> if you are listening and trying to decide whether to invest or expand, you don't know what's coming at you. >> reporter: twenty months after the recession technically ended,signals are mixed. the highest ever gas per gallon in february. jobs are more secure but harder to get if you don't. yesterday, continental airlines and united announced the merger means 500 texans will be laid off. >> the
: president obama's budget director jack lew left the nation with a surplus. >> i came back ten years later to look at projectionses over $10 trillion over the next ten years. it's enough to break your heart. >> reporter: the national deficit in 2011 and suspected to reach an all-time high of $1.65 trillion. the president's budget would increase spending on research and development, education and transportation. republicans say those are all nonstarters. ron and vinita? >>> america's fighting forces may not be immune to the need for budget cutbacks. the defense secretary says he wants enough money to maintain 9 #,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. that is despite the obama administration's insistence that it will begin to gradually withdraw force this is july. the 2012 budget requests includes about $118 billion for the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >>> the house has voted to extend three key provision of the patriot act set to expire at the end of the month. the post-9/11 counterterrorism powers include roving wiretapping and seizing business records, plus intelligence surveillance on suspect
can only refer you to the statement by president obama, quite an extensive statement last friday in which he indicated on several occasions this was an egyptian process that this was an issue that the egyptian people would decide and that the importance was an orderly and meaningful transition of the presidency and the new direction towards greater mcnabbic and economic and social reforms. ambassador wisner is a recognized very competent and experienced diplomat as was mentioned by everybody associated to the administration, the spokesman of the white house spokesman and i'm sure his opinion is highly valued. >> let me ask you, a consensus seems to have come out of the meeting between vice president suleiman, the muslim brotherhood and others that they will form a committee to start talking about amending the constitution but importantly, that they have agreed to lift the decades-old state of emergency. how significant is that? that, of course, is responsible for the oppressive political atmosphere and repressive -- >> it would be a very significant move. it has been a long-stand
for hosni mubarak. is he in a coma? we're live in cairo. >>> and back here at home. ax men, president obama's budget cut. now on the chopping block. >>> and the grammy moments you'll be talking about today. surprising performances and who arrives inside an egg. >> good morning, thanks for being with us. egypt is officially under the control of the military today and its leaders are taking steps to tighten their grip. >> and overnight, we heard startling rumors that ousted president my baric is now sick and possibly in a coma. any truth to those health rumors? >> reporter: well, there's been rumors to president mubarak's health for months. well before all of the uprising began in cairo. and president mubarak is in sharm el sheikh, its believed, at his residence, and we can't get anywhere near it. it's been surrounded by guards and getting any information is still impossible. he still has a lot of the cloak and dagger presence in place. impossible to know whether the rumors of the coma are true. >> aaron, what about the military leaders? any changes they've made in terms of will they be trust
: president obama issued a written statement saying, we urge the egyptian government to move swiftly to explain the changes. and to spell out in clear and unambiguous language the step-by-step process that will lead to democracy. and that white house statement did not mention president mubarak by name. it continued, though, saying the egyptian people made it clear there's no going back to the way things were. vinita and rob? >> emily schmidt in washington this morning. thank you. >>> after yesterday's developments what is happening on the ground right now? aaron katersky joins us live from cairo. aaron, what are you seeing? >> reporter: good morning. we're on the road to the part of cairo where the presidential palace is located. where president mubarak has been under heavy guard with members of his family, where they heard the speech that enraged people here. on the way, we're seeing empty streets. people are praying at friday prayers. but there's been calls for 21 egyptians to come to the streets. and we're waiting to see how the army responds to the protests. >> it seems the milit
say that president obama was a very good man, he thought, but he didn't think that president obama understood the egyptian culture. and you don't understand what would happen if i resigned today. he said once he heard the demands of the people, that they were legitimate demands, he had made the decision to step aside. and he said he felt relief after that. i did say, where would he go after he stepped down? he said, egypt. this is my home. he didn't care what people were saying about him right now. he cared only about his country, about egypt. and when the time comes, he would die in egypt. and i got the sense today, though, there was an edge, obviously, to what's going on. there was an inner tension. but also, a sense of resignation, that whatever happens happens. and whatever their fate may be, so be it. >> truly extraordinary interview there. >>> and for days, the crowds were large, but peaceful. that all changed this past wednesday. >> on youtube, we're now seeing exactly what it was like inside liberation square that night. a place, now too dangerous for news cameras. >> of co
, stiffness and pain. >>> president obama has fought a long battle with cigarettes. and apparently, he's winning. the first lady says mr. obama has not smoked in nearly a year. but there's still no word on when that first anniversary is. mrs. obama said the president wants to be able to tell his daughters that he is not a smoker. >>> one of the army's most high-profile soldiers is calling it quits. medal of honor recipient, sal giunta, is leaving the military to attend college in colorado. giunta is the first living service member from the wars in afghanistan or iraq, to receive the nation's highest military honor. >>> well, as unlikely as it sounds, an immigration paperwork issue may be what ends the season of one of florida's best high school basketball teams. the team from miami's michael krop senior high was forced to forfeit all the games in which 19-year-old bryan delancy played. the problem, is that delancy came to the school three years ago from the bahamas. and the school never filed the right eligibility paperwork for him to play. an appeal is their last hope. >>> as for othe
.n. security council meets this afternoon, right here in new york. >> president obama has been consulting with top european leaders over possible sanctions against the libyan regime. emily schmidt is in washington with more on the crisis. good morning, emily. >> reporter: rob and peggy, good morning to you. diplomats say they are not ruling out any options on sanctions. this means that libya's dictator could soon face more resistance from abroad, to go along with the uprisings at home. libyan anti-government protesters are moving closer to their capital, closer to moammar gadhafi's last area of control. and they say, they're united. >> there's no division between us. all one team. and we'll fight as one team, until we die or he's out. >> reporter: gadhafi shows no signs of leaving voluntarily. in a call to state tv, he says the protesters were on drugs. and blamed al qaeda for the uprising. >> translator: it is bin laden who is duping your sons. this is a fact. >> reporter: this independent video from an eastern port city earlier this week shows the force of people fighting for gadhafi. >
of you? what is their father thinking right now? and how will he respond to president obama's call for him to leave right away? and what will it all mean for your security. your gas tank. your life? and, closer to home, states of emergency. a crisis that hits all of us. where have the jobs gone? we'll ask four cash-strapped governors. do they have a plan to save your house? your schools? your pengs? a special edition of "this week" live from libya starts right now. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. from the heart of gadhafi's strong hold, the libyan capital, tripoli. we're among a small group of journalists who have been invited in. as we try to sort fact from fiction, sometimes fact is so much strange person who could possibly invent the rants and rooifings of leader like the colonel? the defecting air force pilots? the libyan diplomats bursting into tears at the united nations? the tough new sanctions and gadhafi's increasing isolation are based on the fact that he's ordered air strikes on the protesters. we have seen no evidence of that yet and th
a take on her viewing of the arab world. and her take on michelle obama, encouraging mothers to breast-feed. >>> we begin in bahrain. a key ally in the middle east. we see the turmoil there. protesters criticizing the royal family, calling on them to step down. protesters were driven from the streets by tear gas and rubber bullets overnight. at least two were killed and hundreds wounded. and miguel marquez is right in the middle of it and joins us this morning. >> reporter: george, 2 people were killed and at least 100 people injured in a surprise crackdown that shocked everybody here last night. the streets of manama are very quiet today. the military is in charge. what began as a peaceful demonstration, in an instant, became a violent melee. hundreds of heavily-armed police swept through pearl square in the heart of manama, the heart of bahrain's capital city. men, women and children were camping out after a day of protests here. it began a little after 3:00 a.m. helicopters circled overhead. police, in huge numbers, began pushing towards the square. i called abc news radio to report
are pushing for a $61 billion in cut to the current year's budget. president obama says those kind of cut will endanger the recovery and he's threatening to veto the bill. a standoff could lead to the government running out of money by the first week in march. >>> now to the nation's highest civilian honor awarded to 15 amazing people from all walks of life. >> the recipients of this year's presidential medal of freedom ranges from a poet to past president recognized for significant contribution to world peace, culture and other major endeavors. karen travers joining us from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president obama said that the 15 medal of freedom winners represent the best of who we are and who we aspire to be. this year's medal of freedom winners come from different backgrounds, experiences and generations. but president obama said they all share one important thing -- >> this year's medal of freedom recipients reveal the best of who we are and who we aspire to be. >> reporter: the president honored a civil rights legend. >> my parents teach their children w
. >> it caused oil prices to surge some 20% during the past week. however, president obama says he thinks the markets can ride out the situation in libya. >>> rescuers are trying to save hundreds of people still trapped in the rubble after tuesday's earthquake in new zealand. the prime minister says the quake that hit christchurch left at least 103 people dead and that number most likely will rise. engineers and inspectors are on the scene as rescue crews continue to search buildings and going from house to house look for victims. about 2 -- looking for victims. about 200 people are still missing. >>> the first robot marathon started yesterday in japan. five competing robots will run 422 times around a indoor racetrack located at the asia pacific trade center. organizers there hope the future of the marathon will turn into an international competition similar to the scale of the robo cup in international robot competition taking place. >>> video from arkansas for you this morning. severe weather moved through little rock producing fierce lightning. that huge bolt striking the ground didn'
in the senate a bit later this month. >>> the obama administration wants to spend 53 billion dollars to promote the construction of a high speed rail network. vice president joe biden made the announcement yesterday. white house officials promised to explain next week how they are going to pay for the plan. 6:48 right now. a push by lawmakers to legalize slot machine gambling at bwi airport. delegate -- a delegate introduced a pair of bills for the third year amending the contusion to add bwi as a legal slot site. if this bill passes, it would mean up to 2500 slot machines at the airport. he wants the slots as a way to avoid tax increases. >>> dixie hill elementary school back open after being shut down because of carbon monoxide fumes. the school was evacuated and ventilated. several people went to the hospital to be checked out for co poisoning. no one was seriously hurt. >>> time 6:49. a first grade teacher in montgomery county is in trouble accused of assaulting her student. police blan investigating 35- year-old susan burk last month what boy said he was assaulted by his teacher at green c
. >>> has it sunk in yet that president obama came to parkville? he paid a visit with news that affects all of us. his budget. he wants to cut a trillion dollars over the next 10 years. he wants to freeze spending and raise taxes for the wealthy. the limits on your deductions for paying your mortgage and helping a charity. >> these investments i am convinceded if we have billed -- build outinnovate and educate and outhustle, the rest of the world, the jobs and industries will take root here in the united states. >> since spending will be cut by 5%, the president would extend tax credits for college and expand them for child care as well. >>> lawmakers in annapolis could vote on the marriage equality bill as soon as this week. hundreds gathered in lawyers mall carrying the signs and racing voices -- raising voices in support of gay marriage in maryland. >> i have been present when i've heard elected officials talk about the pain they felt they couldn't support gay marriages. and i heard the pain of my gay friend. and i don't think there's any comparison between those two pains. >> there are
that president obama is no pushover. >> i do think that the idea that running against barack obama is going to be really easy for the republican nominee, that's utter nonsense. >> reporter: why? >> because he's going to have a billion dollars to start with and no primary opponent. and running against that mountain of money and a guy who is the incumbent president, i don't care who it is, the power of incumbency is significant. >> reporter: there's another reason this might not be mike huckabee's year, the tea party means it's a very different republican party this time around. >> what i'm going to find out is what are the objections that i have to overcome? you know, in the republican primary it's a demolition derby. it's not just a matter of am i making some people happy but how intensely am i making some people within that primary unhappy? >> reporter: huckabee has a real independence group and approved taxes as governor, opposed some crackdowns on illegal immigrants and granted clemency to a lot of convicted criminals. i have heard you described as a bleeding heart christian conservative
coverage of the tragedy in tucson. president obama and senator john mccain had a meating -- meeting at the white house. it comes after mccain's editorial. the senator praised president obama's speech at the memorial service. >>> after days of peaceful protest, there's return to violence in egypt with proand antiforces combating one another in cairo. we have more in cairo's main square tonight. >> reporter: chi -- chaotic scenes today in the heart of the capitol city. several thousands supporters of mubarak -- some road camels and attacked the antigovernment protestors. the two sides pelted each other with stones. several demanded mubarak leave now and dragged the attackers off of horses and there are reporting of many wounded. the army tried to keep the promubarak camp from coming. now, the soldiers are standing by and observing and so far, they haven't intervened. >> any attack a peaceful demonstrator is unacceptable and i condemn it. >> reporter: it's turmoil, the first violence between the two camps in a week. the clashes erupted one day after mubarak announced he wouldn't run in
democratic institution building and economic openness. >> the obama administration has to balance calls for democracy and long time allies. bohain is a pin, hosting the u.s. navy's fifth fleet, countering iran's efforts. the growing movement isn't stopping, sweeping governments throughout the middle east. >> this is not going to stop. this is a freedom fever that caught on there. >> in yemen, there were more protests, in libya, they called it a day of rage, leaving at least 14 dead in demonstrations. jamie costello, abc2 news. >> last year, president obama ordered a study of the region. it found u.s. allies from bohrain to yemen. jamie costello, abc2 news. >>> thanks. when you think of black history month, many marylanders come to mind. harriet tubman, iowa gus toc. there is a dinner honoring marylanders. >> benjamin and he opened it up. >> when we think of february and black history month, we think of their accomplishments, and the african american people and the chapter of the buffalo soldiers are proud to be part of that history. >> when you think of buffalo, you want them to rem
.com, there for you. >>> president obama says he he has spoke went egyptian president hosni mubarak and he recognizes change must take place. the president said the order hi transition must be meaningful and peaceful and begin now and include opposition parties. president obama spoke at the white house tuesday night not long after talking to mubarak. and when the man announced he wouldn't seek reelection in september ending his 307b year reign as egypt's president. mubarak's announce men was not enough to satisfy protestersp they say they want him out immediately. >>> for many teens, the idea of studying overseas is just a dream. but for 19-year-old sarah blake, she made it a reality when she had a chance to study in egypt. she found herself in the middle of a revolution. sherh ri -- sherrie johnson joins with us more. >> reporter: sarah blake is happy to be home. she was living in the middle of a revolution in egypt and is relieved to make it back home safe and sound. she was on a month-long strip to cairo and preparing for what she hopes it be a career with the state department. during her tripe, t
. they make sacrifices. they make contributions. think it's not fair to vilify them. >>> president obama igniting a national conversation about which americans should feel the pain of the budget ax. with pitched battles going on right now in washington and state houses from florida to wisconsin to california. we me now, the "roundtable." george will, congressman steve suterland, a freshman from florida. he was elected to public office for the first time last november and sent her to washington on a mission to cut spending. abc senior political correspondent jonathan karl and political strategist donna brazi brazile, who calls herself labor democrat. is this is political and philosophical debate going on right now? >> it would have been even in the president hadn't intervened. in the span of three days, he first submits a bumg that would increase the federal deficit. two days later, he mobilizes his own party, organized labor to sabotage wisconsin's attempt to do what he will not do, which is deal with the insolvency of their government. he's set the stage for 2012 by saying the democrati
have descended here on washington, to denounce president obama's agenda and name their choice to replace him. >> thank you. thank you. >> reporter: it's the closest thing to a national audition for 2012. >> what we're watching is not "brave, new world." what we're watching is "groundhog day." >> reporter: the annual conservative political action conference, is the first blow in the fight for the presidential nomination. it's a parade of republican gladiators, past, present and future. and today, we'll get the results of the first major straw poll of the 2012 season. there's the tea party candidates. >> the all-important must-have for 2012 is this -- making barack obama a one-term president. >> reporter: the establishment favorite, plenty of long shots and a wild card. >> the united states is becoming the laughing stock of the world. >> reporter: that's right. the republican field is so wide-open, the donald is hinting he wants america to hire him. >> there is no clear leader in the republican party. this is a party still in warlord status. >> reporter: warlords unafraid to go
news, london. >>> earlier tonight, president obama sat down with fox news' bill o'reilly. joining us to talk about it is rick klein. rick, we heard christiane talk about the muslim brotherhood. bill o'reilly asked the president about that organization and if it is anti-american. what did the president say? >> reporter: the president said there are strains of the brotherhood that are anti-american, but significantly, jake, he rejected the idea that the only two choices in egypt are between the brotherhood and a repressed egyptian people. he said certainly the brotherhood is well organized but they do not have majority support. >> and o'reilly suggested that president obama is moving to the center to improve his standing. how did the president respond to that. >> reporter: the president never likes to say he's moving. he said, i didn't move, i'm the same guy. he talked about his plans for investing in education and trying to create jobs. those are the messages he wanted to deliver by accepting an interview like this in the first place. for 12 minutes or so, the president got to push ba
defines marriage as a man and one woman. president obama took a different stance and a giant step. he is being praised by gay rights groups. he ordered the justice department to fight against the 1996 defense of marriage act enaccused by president bill clinton. that bans the recognition of same sex marriage. attorney general holder says the president decided the advation can't keep depending the act. the president is grappling with his personal view of gay marriage but always personally been opposed to the defense of the marriage act as unnecessary as well as unfair. >>> sad story. a 60-year-old man was finishing up his school bus run yesterday morning when he was backing the bus into his driveway. while backing up, his 84-year- old mother walked behind the bus and she was hit. she was flown to shock trauma where she later died from her injuries. state police say this one is still under investigation. >>> hagerstown fire officials say a 6-year-old boy playing with a lighter started a fire that sent his grandparents to the hospital. hem and richard stall were taken to the hospital afte
: this has meant the white house has to tread carefully, almost as if president obama was trying to deal with a hostage taker, wanting to calmly back him down of a precipice of a rash and violent end. u.s. officials were alarmed on tuesday when gadhafi said "i will die here." >> the suffering and bloodshed -- >> reporter: so, president obama did not even mention gadhafi's name in his remarks this week. he did not want to personalize the crisis and feed into gadhafi's meg low mania, his view this is a showdown between the two of them. the white house has been de-emphasizing ga ddhafi as muc as possible. and diane, the white house and the obama administration withdrew all officials from tripoli and they are per suing sanctions against the libyan government, but the big fear is that there is no measure that can be taken that will penetrate the armor of gadhafi's madness. diane? >> such a dell cat set of ma move th maneuvers. thank you, jake. >>> with the embassy closing down, there are a lot of other americans that wanted to leave libya. as we said, they finally made it out, by air and by w
>>> tonight on "world news" a challenge from the president, get in the game. president obama telling big business to get off the piles of cash and start hiring. will it create jobs? >>> digging in. protesters in egypt begin week three in liberation square, a high-profile hero of the demonstration is set free. >>> abc news exclusive, former defense secretary donald rumsfeld, emotional, fiery. why introduce iraq after 9/11. >>> from missing the words on the national anthem to the contest for the best ad. winners and losers at the super bowl. not on the playing field. >>> good evening and we welcome you to a new week. it was just a short walk across the street from the white house today but for president obama it was something of a long tricky journey. two years in the making. for the first time since taking office, he spoke to the u.s. chamber of commerce, the powerhouse of american business and his political adversary. he delivered an urgent message to the companies to get in the game, start spending money and hiring workers. throwing down a gauntlet but also trying to build a
the size of the american government. tomorrow, president obama will unveil his new budget, cutting more than $1 trillion over the next ten years. but republicans said today that they want much more. bottom line here, programs that americans depend on are about to get hammered. david kerley starts us off tonight from washington. david, good evening to you. >> reporter: the president is poised to release that budget, which will probably ignite anger from all corners. that's because he's proposing cuts to programs which liberals consider sacred. and conservatives are concerned that he's not going to cut enough. hot off the presses, the president's budget. in which he promises spreading cuts, some surprisingly deep. >> my budget freezes annual domestic spending for the next five years. even on programs i care deeply about. which will reduce the deficit by more than $400 billion over the next decade. >> reporter: with additional cuts, the president says he'll shave more than a trillion dollars over a decade. republicans aren't buying it. >> we're broke. what's really dangerous is if we conti
.n. meets with president obama today at the white house for more talks. emily schmidt is joining us, now, from washington, with the latest details. >> reporter: good morning to you. secretary of state hillary clinton spoke this weekend of a post-gadhafi libya. but if the world is expecting him to step down, he is sure showing no signs of hastening the process. anti-government protesters have taken control as close as they can get to libya's capital. just one city away. this man says, the people do not want moammar gadhafi. neither does the u.s., which says the libyan leader of four decades must leave immediately. and neither does the united nations security council, which voted this weekend to impose sanctions on libya. >> i can't remember a time in recent memory, when the council has acted so swiftly, so decisively in unanimity, on an urgent matter on international human rights. >> reporter: for the first time, gadhafi's son spoke with christiane amanpour. and said allegations that his father launched air strikes against their own people is wrong. >> show me a single attack. show me a s
for now in bahrain, but we know that president obama did call the king of bahrain over the weekend, so we want to bring in christiane amanpour. great to see you, and i know you had an exclusive interview with secretary of state hillary clinton. what did she tell you about what we're witnessing? >> bahrain is a key u.s. ally. and they control the vital shipping lanes in the persian gulf. i asked whether the u.s. would hold bahrain as strictly accountable as they did egypt? >> we try to hold everyone to a similar standard, but we cannot dictate the outcomes, we can't tell countries what they're going to do. we had no control over what happened in egypt. we expressed our opinion as we went along and we're working with our counterparts so their transition is peaceful, maningful, transparent, produces results. >> they also said they want bahrain to continue reforms and they would speak out if there were violations of human rights or inappropriate violence. and barack obama, according to the white house, hold the king of bahrain he condemned any violence used against peaceful protesters where.
for more of the same. karen traverse, abc news. >>> -- travers abc news. >> president obama says he spoke with egypt's president and that mubarak recognizes a change has to take place. obama said that he told mubarak that an order hi transition must be meaningful and peaceful and must begin now and must include opposition parties. obama spoke on tuesday evening not long after new bar he can announced he wouldn't seek reelection in september ending his 30-year reign. mubarak's announce men was not enough to satisfy protesters who want him out immediately. >>> 19-year-old sarah blake had dreams of studying abroad and seeing the world as much as she could. her first choice, egypt. who knew what she was going torun into? >> safe begin with her -- again with her family, and sherrieionson joins us with the story. >> reporter: 19-year-old sarah blake has always wanted to study abroad, and she got her chance by studying in egypt. with all the protests and unrest, her trip was cut very short. sarah was on a month-long trip to cairo and learning arabic, preparing for what she hopes to be a career w
brotherhood will take over. >> did he say whether the obama administration has asked him to retire now? and how does he feel, does he feel betrayed by the american pressure? >> reporter: when i asked him if he felt betrayed, he sort of did a shrug and didn't answer. but he did say that president obama was a very good man, he thought, but he didn't think that president obama understood the culture here and that if he resigned in this kind of situation immediately, then there would be chaos and he had to do it in an orderly way. >> right now, it seems the most threatening people on the treatments are people who claim to be his supporters. who does he think is behind the violence? >> reporter: well, i asked him about that. people who are going and attacking the protesters in the square, using pictures of him, using signs saying "stay mubarak." and he denied that they had made any such order that their supporters should attack the protesters. he blamed agitators. he did suggest that the muslim brotherhood was behind it. and he said to me, i am very unhappy about what i've seen in that viol
choices ahead, president obama and house spoker john boehner say they can work together. boehner and two other top house republicans had lunch with mr. obama yesterday at the white house. both sides claim the meeting was constructive, particularly when it came to the economy, jobs and spending. >> we're able to find enough common ground. >> the economy so desperately needs us to work together for jobs. >> to jobs to cutting cutting spending. >> as for the spending cuts, republicans will propose $100 billion in cuts over the next seventh months for the fiscal year that will end october 1st. the reason for that, pressure from tea party conservatives, particularly that freshman class. >>> lawyers for tom delay, the former majority leader of the house, are asking for a new trial. they claimed the jurors in the case had made up their minds even before deliberations. or that they failed to follow the judge's instructions. delay was convicted of illegally funneling campaign contributions. >>> a terrible family tragedy has been unfolding overnight in the atlanta area. two, little boys were kille
reportedly told him, hi, i'm good. >>> president obama is spending a cost-cutting valentine to congress today. a budget proposal that would eliminate about $1 trillion in debt over the next ten years. republicans say the cuts need to be much deeper. david kerley reports from washington. >> reporter: the president is poised to release his budget, which will probably ignite anger from all quarters because he's proposing cuts in programs which some liberals consider sacred and conservatives say he probably won't cut enough. hot off the presses is the president's budget in which he promises spending cuts, some surprisingly deep. he says it will shave more than $1 trillion off the deficit over a decade but republicans aren't buying it. >> we're broke. what's really dangerous is if we continue to do nothing and allow the status quo to stay in place. when are we going to get serious about cutting spending? >> reporter: including in the plan, cuts to home heating as answer, money for clean water, defense spending and pell grants. reductions which will anger the left. the president would use the savin
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